TERMS APPLICABLE TO ALL ORDERS: Ad-A-Day® disclaims and all customers waive the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. The terms of Ad-A-Day’s acknowledgement and General Information set out in this catalog constitute the entire agreement between Ad-A-Day and its customers, and supercede all prior and contemporaneous oral and written agreements, and shall be construed under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts without regard to conflict of law principles. All Ad-A-Day customers consent to the jurisdiction and venue of the Federal and State Courts in Bristol County, Massachusetts. If a court finds any term to be unenforceable, the remaining terms shall remain in effect. Ad-A-Day may retain a reproduction (e.g., electronic image, photocopy, or facsimile) of the acknowledgement and these terms which shall be considered an original and shall be admissible in any action to enforce the agreements between Ad-A-Day and its customers. Ad-A-Day may accept orders either by acknowledgement or by commencing performance (e.g., beginning production of products or services ordered by a customer). Once accepted by Ad-A-Day, orders are non-cancellable. Any change to the terms or conditions contained in this catalog and on Ad-A-Day’s order acknowledgement must be made in a writing signed by both parties. Accordingly, any contrary terms or conditions on customer ordering documents shall be of no force or effect. In any action to enforce the terms and conditions contained in this catalog or on Ad-A-Day’s order acknowledgement or production performance, the customer agrees to waive all right to a jury trial.



2. ORDERING DETAILS: Early season pricing discounts require orders to be “Factory Ready” by specified date and shipments must be accepted on or before September 1st. For items that include envelopes, black imprinted envelopes are included at no extra charge with orders that are “Factory Ready” by April 15th. Prepayment in full is required in the absence of satisfactory advance credit arrangements.

3. LESS THAN MINIMUM: Minimum order is $75.00. A “less than minimum” charge (EC160) is applied when less than the lowest listed quantity is ordered. This charge is in addition to the copy change charge on a co-op order. No order quantity below two-thirds of the lowest listed quantity will be accepted.

4. SAFETY AND COMPLIANCE: Ad-A-Day has completed and adheres to PPAI’s Product Safety Awareness Program. Our new standard cover papers are Archival/Acid Free, Califormia Prop 65 Compliant, and CPSIA Compliant. Ad-A-Day’s products are primarily produced from these new standard cover papers, recycled and Sustainable Forest Initiative papers, and industry-wide-used papers and cardboard. We maintain and review Safety Data Sheets on our product ingredients to continually assure safe and compliant products. Ad-A-Day is satisfied that none of it products “knowingly and intentionally cause significant exposures to listed chemicals” under Califormia’s Prop 65. However, for any Ad-A-Day product that may foreseeably enter Califormia, distributors may choose to have Ad-A-Day attach a Prop 65 “Safe Harbor” warning: WARNING: Cancer-Reproductive  Ad-A-Day’s charge for this service is $0.10(x) each.

Ad-A-Day designs, produces and offers advertising and promotional products intended only for non-child audiences, making them “General Use” products.


6. CO-OP ORDERS: Each copy change incurs a setup charge (EC005). 

7. ENVELOPES: Included with product when noted in product description.

8. ENVELOPES, IMPRINTED: Envelope imprints consist of a Logo and Return Address up to 3" w x 1" h. Black imprint. Call for pricing for larger imprint.

a. Free envelope imprinting Feb 1-Apr 15 (min. 500 pc order). After April 15, imprinting incurs setup charge (EC020) and per-piece run charge (EC010).

b. Full Color printed envelopes: setup charge (EC020) plus per-piece run charge (EC019 early season, EC018 late season).  

9. “FACTORY READY” means that approval of imprint/ad copy, artwork, style, color, quantity, proof, and satisfactory payment arrangements, etc. have been received by Ad-A-Day and the order is fully ready for final production.

10. LOSS/SHORTAGE CLAIMS: MUST BE FILED WITHIN 10 DAYS OF RECEIPT. Time is of the essence. Our responsibility is limited to replacement value. Not responsible for CARRIER DELAY, FIRES, BREAKDOWNS, STRIKES, LABOR UNREST, ACTS OF GOD, FORCE MAJEURE, or any factor beyond our control.

11. OVERRUNS & UNDERRUNS: Billing will be for actual quantity shipped. Normal quantities shipped are +/–10% up to 300, +/–5% up to 1000, and +/–2% over 1000. NOTE: “NO OVERAGES” are subject to short shipment. “EXACT AMOUNT” incurs a 10% surcharge (EC013). Two and three color imprints are subject to twice these overages or shortages.

12. PARTIAL YEAR AND/OR SPLIT YEAR PADS: Most in-stock pads run 13 months. Split Year pads are subject to availability.

a. For Partial Year pads (removing months from a standard pad), per-pad charge (EC179). 

b. For Split Year pads (adding months to a full standard pad), per-pad charge (EC180) PLUS the price each of the second pad. 

c. For Partial PLUS Split Year pads (combining two Partial Year pads) per-pad charge (EC027) PLUS the price each of the second pad.

13. PROOFS: For all orders, the first electronic proof will be provided via email at no charge. Hard copy and additional proofs resulting from customer changes will incur per-proof charge (EC030). Pre-production paper press-sheet proofs (EC031). Finished product proofs: One Color (EC040); Two Colors (EC050); Full Color (EC055). Proof approval required before ship date can be confirmed. Factory is not responsible for customer errors after final proof approval.

14. SHIPPING DATES: Proof approval is required before shipping date can be confirmed. Orders are shipped when ready unless otherwise requested. Orders not “Factory Ready” by September 15th cannot be guaranteed for delivery before December 31st. If shipping date is changed (earlier or later) and order must be removed from storage, a charge will apply (EC244).


a. Orders to a Post Office Box will be shipped Parcel Post Insured and should ship no later than September 15 to ensure timely delivery. Distributor is responsible for Parcel Post Shipments after September 15. We recommend expedited shipping methods for shipments outside the continental U.S. Shipping, Handling and Insurance charges are added to your invoice.

b. Third party and non-UPS shipping methods are discouraged. Such ship­ments are charged per order, per address (EC037).

c. Drop shipment charges for domestic deliveries, per address (min. 100 units EC201; less than 100 units EC202). International delivery charge (EC203).

d. Envelope pre-shipments, per address (min. 100 units EC200; less than 100 units EC032). 

16. STOCK AND IMPRINT COLORS: Colors of stock and imprint may vary due to commercial lot or batch color dye variations for which Ad-A-Day is not responsible.

17. SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitutions may be necessary due to seasonal stock shortages. Delayed production may occur.

18. TERMS: Net 30 days after credit approval. Ad-A-Day accepts only AMEX, MasterCard and Visa. Credit card payments will only be accepted for items at listed catalog pricing, and cannot be used as payment for special quotes or any discounted pricing. Overdue accounts are subject to maximum monthly interest allowed by Massachusetts law. If collection proceedings are required, all charges with interest, and all fees and costs for collection, court proceedings, and attorneys will be assessed.

19. TRADEMARKS/SERVICE MARKS: Ad copy and/or special copy, logos, etc. sent to Ad-A-Day are accepted as being in compliance with all laws applicable to trademarks, copyrights, patents, etc. Their use, when specified, is the responsibility of the distributor and customer who jointly and separately agree to indemnify and hold Ad-A-Day harmless from any and all liability which may occur from the use of the submitted material.

20. WEIGHTS/PRICES: All listed weights are approximate, and all listed prices are net unless otherwise indicated, and both are subject to change without notice.



21. AD COPY REQUIREMENTS: Maximum five (5) lines of copy for most styles that are not full color. Additional lines are permitted in certain cases (per additional line EC070). The recommended minimum type size is 8 points for print and 10 points for stamping. Distributor is solely responsible for clarity of type smaller than recommended.

a. FOIL STAMPED IMPRINTS should use solid face type styles and open logos. Narrow fonts, small type and logos with intricate designs may fill in when foil-stamped, for which Ad-A-Day is not responsible. Black vector art should be submitted for imprint; see section 24 for art file instructions.

b. Imprinting outside standard copy area: Special composition charge applies (EC170) plus per-piece running charge (EC175). Limitations apply. Call for details.

22. AD COPY, REPEAT ORDERS: Please state “EXACT REPEAT” (refers to ad copy only). Include a sample or proof. Please include your previous purchase order or factory order number. Co-op orders must comply with the terms listed in section 6 on page 38.

23. IMPRINT COLORS: Prices include one color imprint except for items depicted in full color.

a. STANDARD COLORS: See specific item for standard color designation. Non-standard color, solid logo, multiple color, and multiple color close registration imprints may require a special quotation. Our guidelines are set out in sections b–e below.

b. INK COLORS: Optional ink colors (EC080 per color) include: Red PMS 185, Maroon PMS 208, Blue PMS 300, Green PMS 343, and Brown PMS 4695. Other PMS ink colors are available by specification (EC060 per color). Certain items may require color foil substitution for ink, which foil color cannot be guaranteed to be a PMS match.

c. FOIL COLORS: Optional foil colors are Silver (EC081); White (EC033); and custom (EC073).

d. TWO COLOR IMPRINTS WITHOUT CLOSE REGISTRATION: Setup (EC100) + per item run charge (EC110). 

e. MULTIPLE COLOR IMPRINTS and TWO+ COLOR IMPRINTS WITH CLOSE REGISTRATION USUALLY WILL BE UV-INKJET PRINTED IN FULL COLOR (CMYK): Setup (EC155) + per item run charge (EC152). A commercial match to the specified colors will be provided; exact Pantone matches are not guaranteed. We recommend a Production Proof (EC055) if there is concern about color results.



24. ART, DIGITAL (SUPPLIED FILES): Digital art files MUST be submitted in PC format, compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop). Documents should be built at finished size plus 1/8" bleed on all sides (TC 3/16") if applicable; keep critical elements including color blocks, type, etc. 3/16" to 1/4" away from trim. Call for specs if not published. 

A reference PDF or hard copy MUST accompany supplied art files. Please contact our Graphics department with additional art preparation questions.

a. Digital files up to 50MB may be e mailed to with Purchase Order number clearly stated in the subject line. Dropbox or other online file transfer service should be used for larger files; please contact Customer Service for instructions. NOTE: your order WILL NOT be processed until we receive your Purchase Order.

b. Files will be pre-flighted upon receipt to determine acceptability; distributor will be notified if problems are found or anticipated. Files requiring color separation or reworking will incur additional per-hour art charges with a one hour minimum (EC025).

c. For single-color printed and foil-stamped calendars, solid black line art should be provided; i.e., no screen tints or photographs. Vector files are preferred: Illustrator eps or PDF file using CMYK color mode, with all type converted to curves. Use only solid Black (K); do not use RGB or “Rich” Black. If art is submitted as JPG or TIF, file must be 600?–1200ppi black bitmap art to preserve sharpness. 

d. For two-color imprints, if not tight registration, submit art files as in section 24c but using the spot colors being specified. Close-registration 2+ color imprints will be UV-inkjet printed; art should be submitted as a CMYK vector file, or 450ppi JPG or TIF; see section 24e for additional instructions.

e. Type-heavy artwork should be created in Illustrator. For best results, leave PANTONE colors in swatch palette; do not convert or rename them. Convert all type to outlines and save as PDF using High Quality Print settings. Choose “Don’t Include Profiles” under Output.

f. Photographs generally should be supplied as RGB JPG files at a resolution of 300ppi at final size. EXCEPTION: if combining photos and type using Photoshop, files should be created at 450–600ppi at final size to preserve sharpness of type. Combining photos and type in either Illustrator or InDesign is optimal; see specs in 24e and 24g. NOTE: Images taken from websites are NOT acceptable for printing.

g. PDF files exported from InDesign are also acceptable for full color products. For best results, leave PANTONE colors in swatch palette; do not convert or rename them. Use High Quality Print PDF settings, include 1/8" bleeds on all sides (TC 3/16") if applicable, and embed fonts. Do not include crop marks. Under Output, choose “Don’t Include Profiles.”

h. NOTICE: Type, “cuts,” artwork, etc, used by Ad-A-Day® to produce products and services, belong to Ad-A-Day and are kept on file for one year, unless separately quoted and billed on the customer invoice.


25. ART, NON-DIGITAL: Art for all of our products is created in digital format. Customer’s non-digital logo or artwork can be scanned if necessary. Art and/or scanning charges will apply (EC025). Contact factory for details and recommendations prior to creating or sending art.