Don’t Work on Thursday Afternoons!

I know that the best ideas you’ve ever had – the really BIG ones that might have changed your business or your wealth – never happened when you were hard at work. When did they happen? While you were in the shower!

That’s because our lives are so busy, that the only time we have a few moments of peace is in the shower . . .  where we can’t multitask, use our iphones, ipads, ipods, or even notepads.  When our brains are at peace, we come up with inspiration and epiphanies . . .  and life gets better.

So here’s an idea. Take Thursday afternoons off. Your business will not degrade because of it, and you’ll enrich your life with at least an additional half-day of downtime and peace . . .  and give yourself the opportunity to get more epiphanies that might grow your business and your wealth! (After a few weeks, you may even choose to take off Thursdays completely; now wouldn’t that be nice?!!)


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